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wherever the sun shines

I love this quote, "The EARTH without ART is just EH". Did you get it? 

I love the smile on people's faces when they just made their mark on canvas or paper and cannot believe they have created something beautiful - made the world a little more beautiful.

I feel blessed to be able to share this passion in a class in our studio; or over a cup of coffee in a cafe; or frequently accompanying dinner and wine in a restaurant. And now I am so excited that we can share this passion with anyone located anywhere in the world through this online school. 

So, welcome. I hope you settle in, pour or make your favourite drink and learn to make your mark with Nancie Lane.

xo Nancie.

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Creating Beautiful Moments

Offline & Online

Why join a Nancie Lane online class?

  • Choose your pace

    Follow along at your own pace, access classes at your convenience and repeat a lesson if you need to. Our online classes give you even more choices to fit in your art journey with your lifestyle.

  • Choose your location

    Whether you live in another state or country, or need to limit your movement for health reasons, our online courses give you the opportunity to start and progress your art journey with Nancie Lane from your chosen location.

  • Play.Pause.Rewind.

    Face to face or Live classes can move quite fast and one can easily feel lost in such scenarios. While I make sure that all my participants are following along in all our classes, our online class gives you the opportunity to pause a video, repeat a section, and work through a piece at your own speed.


An Engaging Workshop

The Glenleighden School

The year 12 students participated in an art workshop run by artist Nancie Eluigwe from Nancie Lane in Kenmore. The students got to paint a landscape scene while enjoying some morning tea and conversation. Artist Nancie was very engaging and students enjoyed interacting with her while painting their artworks.

Paint & Dine with Nancie Lane

Weekend Notes (Serena Ekman)

If I had to describe this event in one word, it would be warmth. Everything about it was fun and inviting, where a group of strangers all ended up laughing and talking like best friends by the end of the night. This is no doubt thanks to the atmosphere created by the star of the show Nancy herself, who walks through the entire painting process with a smile and a laugh. Read more here:

Awesome Painting Class

Mel S.

Thanks to Nancie for such an awesome painting workshop. We had so much fun and created some beautiful pieces of art to keep! You were a very patient and effective teacher. We hope to join you for another class soon.


Nancy Eluigwe

Hi, I'm Nancy - I am an artist, writer & lover of breakfasts. I enjoy a nice inspiring chat over breakfast in a local artisanal cafe with a huge mug of lactose free, hazelnut cappucinno. My favourite things include all visual & performing art, music (especially jazz, classical, folk and vintage), museums, markets and culture. My art and design studio is housed in my physical shop/creative studio in Kenmore village Shopping Centre. Here I create and design fresh, inspiring and vibrant art, stationery, gifts and decorative wares for home and business spaces. I’m always up for breakfast and deep pondering conversations so meet me on Instagram or drop by my studio/shop at Nancie Lane for a catch up or to weigh in on the issues we’re pondering.